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Procrastination: What is it?

Procrastination is something that happens with everyone at some point or another.  Basically, it means putting things off as long as possible.  This kind of behavior can be seen in people when they simply do not want to deal with the task at hand so they set it off to the side until they have no choice but to do it. If it becomes too severe though, it can cause many problems in all aspects of one’s life.  Many times a person who procrastinates is seen by others as lazy or unmotivated.  This doesn’t translate well into having a good job or holding a job for very long.

Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination can happen for many reasons. People being used to a sedate life may tend to procrastinate when faced with a job that they need to do. Feeling overwhelmed can also cause one to procrastinate. Most times, procrastination begins when the person is trying to avoid a task for no apparent reason or even for an apparent reason.  Things such as taking a vehicle in for service is expensive and many people would rather put it off.  However, in the long run it ends up being absolutely necessary and can’t be put off any longer and usually results in higher costs.

Being lazy is a factor that is involved in procrastination.  Sometimes, people will procrastinate to see if someone else will do the task for them so that they don’t have to.  This is a type of procrastination, but it is a somewhat manipulative strain of it.

Changing Procrastination

When a person wants to stop procrastinating, they have to change how they look at things in the world as a whole.  Because of high levels of responsibility in work and personal life, people need to make sure they are able to handle the stress.  You must accept responsibility for your role in order to help with your procrastinating tendencies.  For the most part, the only way to work through your procrastinating tendencies and work toward a more immediate response is to force yourself to do things as they come to you, not putting them off until they can’t wait any longer.

A person successful at overcoming procrastination tends to find themselves feeling much more accomplished and organized after they have beat the procrastination.  This is because things are done in a timely manner and nothing is sitting on the desk piling up.

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